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  • My journey of mental illness and recovery​
  • Suicide, suicide prevention and breaking down stigma
  • Living with borderline personality disorder and supporting someone who lives with it
  • Youth mental health: seeking support is strength not weakness
  • Fostering a mental health conscious workplace​​
  • Compassion fatigue and self-care
  • Understanding and supporting someone who self-harms
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recent engagements

"Valéry Brosseau's mental health workshop is amazing! I had the good fortune of bringing her in for a mental health workshop for the clients of Sagatay. The presentation had the perfect mix of imparting valuable knowledge around mental health and creating an atmosphere that made it conducive for clients to get involved in group discussion. Her combination of educational background and lived experience provides a unique and valuable workshop for my clients. I found they were able to relate to her in a way that made them more comfortable to tell their own story and ask questions. I had nothing but positive feedback from my clients and many have requested I bring her back. I would highly recommend Valéry to anyone."

Chris Bentz, Nameres - Sagatay

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"With each opportunity to speak to an audience, I approach what I share from two points of view. The first is that of someone who has struggled, found strength and recovered. The second is that of someone who is in the mental health field and who continues to seek out training and education."

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