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I spent years believing that if I tried

harder I could be better, different, “normal”.

I believed that what I was experiencing

was a flaw in character as opposed to an illness.

Stigma taught me this.

In 2013, in the hopes of providing a service I wish I knew existed when I was struggling, I began volunteering at a crisis helpline. I eventually became a trainer and supervisor for this organization. Through this work, I became more and more involved in mental health advocacy, taking every training that was available to me and seeking education in this field. 


I also began understanding the importance of speaking up. I began sharing my story. The amazing response I received encouraged me to keep sharing and to keep combating the stigma that had kept me silent for so long. People came to know me for making myself vulnerable and speaking honestly about my mental health. This led to offers to speak at events and to conduct workshops.

The mental health field has become my passion. I aim to use my platform to connect with people on a genuine level and educate them on mental illness. I combine my educational background and the training I have received with my lived experience to provide a unique approach that focuses less on the clinical and more on the human aspect of mental health. 

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I have been published in a number of online publications and am always open to new opportunities

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I always appreciate an opportunity to share my story and what I do.

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