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From Quiet to Strong: How Encouragement Transformed Me

Growing up, I was quiet. As the oldest in my family, I often had to figure things out by myself. School wasn't easy. I faced bullying and teasing for being introverted. I never had friends. I always wanted a good social circle, at least someone who understood me. Teachers overlooked me, and even my classmates and neighbours labeled me as "too shy". But the truth was, I wasn't shy, I simply lacked motivation due to the constant negativity around me based on judgment. I was seen as either a nerd or a girl who is left out, who doesn’t fit in. I wanted encouragement, someone to believe in me and reassure me that I was doing well. Isn't that what we all desire at some point in our lives? For me, it started at a young age and I'm grateful for that realization.

Feeling invisible and excluded even when you are surrounded with a lot of people kills. I longed for change. I tried to fit in by changing my appearance, trying to be like other girls, experimenting with different hairstyles. I wanted acceptance based on who I was, not how I looked. However, I later understood the importance of being true to myself, despite the toll this took on my mental well-being. Despite facing setbacks and failures, I persisted. I poured my energy into both my studies and my passion for dancing. When I began to excel slowly, my parents and teachers took notice and offered their unwavering support. Their encouragement made a profound impact on me, highlighting the significance of motivation in my life.

I learned that self-belief could bring confidence in oneself. A simple "you can do it" from a teacher or peer can make all the difference. The decision by my teacher to have me teach in front of the class proved to be a turning point. As I stepped into the spotlight, I realized that introverts possess strengths too. Though not always vocal, we are resilient and talented in our own way.

My journey taught me the transformative power of encouragement. It's not about grand awards or big achievements; it's about believing in oneself and others. I want to say that giving encouragement, motivation, and support to someone doesn’t cost anything. You just need to have a heart to help those in need. When you do this, it gives people hope that there are kind people in the world. It’s not always dark or filled with rude people. And it can really boost your mental health. Sometimes, what you need is a good friend who understands you. You just need someone to give you a chance and be there for you to help you to realize that you are worthy. So why not be that person for others? Just give it a try. That’s all matters at the end of the day.

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