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Are You Running Out of Time or Out of Motivation?

Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t publish a blog post last Monday. I aim to post every Monday but that appears to have been difficult recently. And I’ve tried to figure out why. The explanation is two-fold. Two factors that seem kind of contradictory but both have to be addressed.

As I take on more speaking engagements and work with more 1:1 clients, I find that my time is becoming a limited and valuable commodity. On the flip side, motivation can be extremely elusive, especially considering everything that’s going on, working from home and feeling isolated and distanced.

Both factors need to be addressed and it’s possible to do it in such a way that you’re being fair to yourself but also staying accountable. Here’s how I handle each of these things.

Lack of Time:

· Prioritize your to-do list: What needs to be done today? What could wait til tomorrow? What are you tempted to do first because it’s easier but not as important?

· Delegate where you can: For example, I had a busy day recently and felt like time was getting away from me. My fiancé kindly offered to vacuum, which is usually my chore, to give me a less stressful day.

· Reduce your workload if possible: Another example, I’ve decided to publish the blog every other Monday now. It’s not me slacking, it’s me being realistic about the time I have and where it is spent for the most return on investment.

· Let go of commitments that are not currently bringing you joy, money or giving back: Be mindful of how you spend your time. If the activity is not serving you or giving back, it may be time to put it on hold for a while. Even giving back activities can sometimes be put on hold so that you don’t burn yourself out.


· Reward yourself for accomplishing tasks: Alternating between tasks and rewards can be helpful. An episode of your current favourite show, a tasty treat, a walk outside, whatever you would look forward to.

· Keep a list for the satisfaction of that check mark or crossing out the item: I am a huge sucker for crossing things off a list, it makes me feel so accomplished. Keeping a written list where I get to use a back sharpie to cross out what I’ve done definitely helps motivate me.

· Use external accountability if necessary: Sometimes we need to rely on others. Take an online fitness class with a buddy and keep each other accountable. Ask someone close to you to check in on you progress on certain tasks, etc.

· Don’t overwhelm yourself with the whole list, commit to one task to start with: By committing to just one task, you won’t beat yourself up if that’s all you do but more than likely, you’ll create the momentum needed to do that second task and so on. Baby steps.

Sometimes we push ourselves too hard and sometimes we don’t push ourselves enough. It’s about finding the balance. Hopefully these tips will help you do just that!

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