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The Robert C. Sponsor Fund

Many people face significant barriers to accessing mental health support. One of these is the fact that help can be extremely cost prohibitive. A generous and community-minded client and I brainstormed and decided to set up a sponsorship program. This is meant to give access to my programs and 1:1 support to people who otherwise would not have the opportunity.

As a Someone in need of a Sponsorship

As someone in need of a sponsor, who needs mental health support but is experiencing financial barriers, this fund is for you.

Please fill out this short application and, should you be accepted, you will be matched with an anonymous sponsor who will cover your program of 1:1 session.

Sponsorship Application
What are you interested in?

Thanks for submitting!

As a Sponsor

As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to cover the fee for one (or several) participant for a group program or for a 1-hour 1:1 session. The funds are then connected with someone who could benefit from support but does not have the means. The sponsees are chosen through a short sponsorship application. All of this is done anonymously. 

Should you wish to direct your sponsorship and nominate a sponsee, please email

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