I am a Marine vet with C-PTSD. I deal with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, PTSD & am a survivor of childhood sexual trauma. Wow, words cannot properly express the amount of gratitude I have for Valéry. I have reached out to her in some of my darkest moments (including being suicidal) and her kindness, knowledge, personal understanding and validation have been one of the keys to my mental health healing. Simply put Valéry has been there for me when I needed her the most through kind yet very assertive words and advice. Thank you so much, you have made a very positive impact on my life by your words and example. Lastly I would trust anybody I cared about to your care and guidance. Thank you and God bless,

- Robert C., Veteran

Having the one-on-one support of Valéry has been incredible. Her service is warm and generous, and always on topic. No matter how trivial or silly my anxieties may seem to me, her words always make me feel important, and I never feel like I’m wasting her time. She’s always focused on our conversations and leaves with plans moving forward, so we can work together to get through a problem. Anyone would be lucky to have access to her brilliance and support, and without it I would not be where I am today. Thank you Valéry!

- Allison, University of Ottawa student

Are you struggling with your mental wellness?

At the core of all the coaching I do are the concepts of empathy and validation. I believe that the foundation to helping someone navigate mental health concerns is to work from the inside out, rediscovering that sense of self by being empathetic and emphasizing that everything you feel is valid. You matter, what you feel matters and what you feel is real.

I can help

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My lived experience with mental illness, my training and my education have allowed me to develop a talent and an aptitude for guiding people through emotionally difficult times. I help them develop the tools needed to cope, support themselves, communicate with those in their lives and express and meet their emotional needs in a healthy way.

1-on-1 Support:

  • Developing healthy coping mechanisms

  • Working on healthy and effective communication

  • Better understanding and supporting the people in our life who struggle with mental health concerns

  • Accountability with regard to recovery and ineffective behaviours

  • Setting boundaries

  • Expressing our needs and asking for them to be met in a healthy way

Mental Health Basics Group Support:

The group is offered in 8 week cycles, including worksheets and concrete homework to better internalize and implement the concepts shared.

Here is the schedule, which remains the same for each cycle:

WEEK 1: Introduction and Self-Care Assessment

WEEK 2: Building a Self-Care Plan

WEEK 3: Accountability

WEEK 4: Resilience

WEEK 5: Gratitude

WEEK 6: Positive Self-Talk

WEEK 7: Communication

WEEK 8: Supporting Others in Our Lives


My work is not that of a psychologist or a medical professional; my support is meant to supplement professional treatment. Part of our work together will include determining what professional help is best for you if applicable and how to commit to treatment should it be needed. 

Our sessions will be an addition to this treatment that provides empathetic emotional support, a non-judgemental ear and guidance in coping, communication, self-care and accountability.

If you are interested in booking a session outside of the times available, please contact me directly.

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