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Do you want to reconnect with your teen?

The teenage years are ones of transition, self-discovery and socialization. They bring about unique stressors and challenges for teens to learn to navigate. Maintaining positive mental health is crucial and often starts in the home. As parents or guardians you have a unique chance to build a relationship of trust and compassion with your teen and show them that support is available. In “Supporting & Communicating with Your Teen: A Master Class”, you will be equipped with the language, tools and approaches to do just that. Show your teen they can count on you as you try to understand them better and find communication that goes both ways. 

"Since working with Valéry, my daughter has opened up so much, she has been smiling and has been open about her feelings.  With Valéry's work, passion and background, it has been the best Christmas gift for herself and for us to be able to enjoy it together.  

After each session, she would come and talk with us about how she felt, how it went and how much her Tuesdays were helpful to her. That alone is worth the world to me as a mother. 


I know she still has work to do on her self-esteem and I know she will continue this growth journey with you. She now has the tools you gave her to tell herself it’s okay, tomorrow is a new day or the following week will be better."

- Fiona V.

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